Agronomy 365 Agronomists

What to Expect

Agronomy 365 Agronomists are willing to put in the extra work to help their growers succeed. No customer is the same, no field is the same, no zone is the same- we understand that as much as you do. We want to help you make a greater impact for your growers.

The Agronomist Packages offer you the chance to learn alongside expert agronomists who are eager to discuss data, efficiency, and high yields. Grow together through product trials and experience how they affect soil and tissue levels and ultimately yields. This data will give you the upper-hand when making recommendations.

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Agronomy 365 Agronomist Packages

Our Agronomist Packages allow elite access to the Dashboard, the Video Series, and the 365 App for yourself and your growers. Reach out – let’s determine which of our two Agronomist Packages best fits your needs. Discover all the benefits available:
  • Enroll your growers under your Agronomy 365 Dashboard account with no additional fees.
  • Agronomy 365’s experts will host weekly in-season meetings for 365 Agronomists to review data, discuss recommendations, and answer any questions the group may have. These exclusive 60-minute meetings begin May 1st and end September 1st.
  • Growing Season Video Series account will be available for you to give to your growers.
  • Access the Agronomy 365 App for FREE with your Agronomist Package. This tool allows you to connect and conversate with your community of Agronomy 365 members across the country.

In search of the "Aha!" Moment?

  • You care about your clients’ farms as if they were your own.
  • Your best days are when you’re working with your clients to solve problems.
  • You respect the individuality of each client, their operation and long-term strategies.
  • You know the science inside and out, and are pumped when you can bring clients those “Aha!” moments.