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Meet the Experts

Kristina Reindl

Kristina Schiltz

General Manager, Agronomy 365

Schiltz is the General Manager of Agronomy 365 and microbiologist at Next Level Ag in Alpena, SD. She received her bachelor’s degree from Dakota Wesleyan University with a major in Microbiology/Biochemistry and a minor in Allied Science. Over the course of three years in the field, she has developed a skill set composed of chemical processes and transformations, agricultural data collection, and biological analysis.

Her primary roles include studying, identifying, and classifying soil microbe compositions found in tissue and soil samples. Past research includes qPCR Quantification of Bacterial Diversity in Agricultural Soils as well as Biological species Composition and Richness in Agricultural Composts. Her career focus is primarily on gathering biological, chemical, and physical data from the soil and tissue and correlating these relationships to yield to help growers achieve efficiency in their fields while also increasing profit.

Book a consultation with Kristina for the following topics:

  • Microbiology
  • Indicator Report Walk-Through
  • Field Linking/Editing on the 365 Dashboard
  • Biological Recommendations
  • Personal Dashboard Walk-Through (For both NLAg and 365 Dashboards)
Consultation with Kimberly Beachy

Kimberly Beachy

Corporate Accounts & Data Collection Specialist, Agronomy 365

Kimberly Beachy is a Corporate Accounts & Data Collection Specialist at Agronomy 365. She works with our corporate account managers to ensure their company is operating efficiently. She also handles our trial analysis with a focus on storytelling with data to show clients that yield isn’t the only metric for success. Kimberly enjoys getting to see the “AHA” moment for farmers and agronomists when they dive into Agronomy 365 and get answers to the questions they’ve had for years.

Kimberly grew up on a row crop farm in Newton County, Indiana. She received her bachelor’s degree from Purdue University in Agronomic Business and Marketing and a master’s degree from Iowa State University in Seed Technology and Business. Before joining the Agronomy 365 team 2022, Kimberly spent six years working in seed production and product stewardship, and five years as a consulting agronomist at a family-owned ag retailer. She still does agronomic consulting in Northern Indiana, mainly focusing on soil sampling and fertility recommendations through Beachy Crop Consulting. Kimberly lives in North Central Indiana with her husband (Tyler) and two kids (Claire and Logan).

Book a Consultation with Kimberly for the following topics and crops:

  • On Farm Trials – Set Up to Analysis
  • Indicator Soil Report Walk-Through
  • Plant Tissue Report Walk-Through
  • Transitioning from Grid Soil Sampling to BaselineRx
  • Personal Walk-Through of the Agronomy 365 Dashboard
  • Setting up a Corporate Account in Agronomy 365
Josh Messer

Josh Messer

Owner/Agronomist, AgIntel LLC

Josh Messer grew up on a family farm in southwest North Dakota. He currently lives near Buchanan, ND with his wife Krista and son Harvey. After graduating from North Dakota State in 2006, Josh worked for a leading ag retailer in southeast North Dakota. It was here that he developed a passion for fertility management and precision agriculture. After 7 years in ag retail, he moved onto a new challenge as a Regional Agronomy manager in the midwest for an equipment and agronomy service company. It was at this time that he met Jason Schley of Next Level Ag and began to find a lot of the answers he had been looking for in fertility management. During the three years as a Regional Agronomy manager, he started AgIntel, LLC as an independent crop consultant. In 2017 he made crop consulting his full-time passion. Josh focuses on researching all aspects of fertility and soils and finding the most profitable way to help growers raise a crop. Josh specializes in finding the precision ag tools and equipment that best suits the agronomic needs.

Book a Consultation with Josh for the following topics and crops:

  • Crops Josh works with: Corn, Soybeans, Wheat, Barley, Oat, Edible Beans, Sunflowers, Canola, and Pulse crops
  • Fertility management in challenging soils
  • Reading soil and tissue reports
  • Soil mapping and zone maps
  • Precision Soil sampling
  • Strip-Till
  • No-till
  • Crop rotation planning
  • Irrigation water management
  • Variable rate applications
  • Precision ag equipment and operation
  • Analyzing and utilizing precision ag data
  • Precision Ag Software
Jason Schley

Jason Schley

Owner/Lead Agronomist, Agronomy 365

Jason Schley is the Owner and Lead Agronomist at Agronomy 365. He grew up on a family farm near Alpena, SD. He currently lives near this farm with his wife, Jessie, and their four children. They have a small grain and livestock operation. Since graduating college in 2000, Jason has been an independent agronomist and crop consultant in East Central South Dakota. Working within the same customer base for many years, it became apparent that the greatest impact his service could provide was real time, in-season fertility management. He focused on trials and ways to learn more about managing fertility and how to identify nutrient strengths and weaknesses by better understanding how the soil and plant work together. Learning from leaders in the industry, a new tool box of soil extraction methods and biological measurements were implemented which was the start of Next Level Ag, a crop consulting and soil lab, in 2015. Today NLAg works in nearly every agriculture state in the US.  Next Level Ag serves a role in the ag lab industry that takes the numbers beyond the standard reporting format. The focus is to help the client understand the numbers. Jason and his team are constantly researching and sharing what they learn to help their customer base become more efficient with their fertilizer budget.

Book a consultation with Jason for the following topics:

  • Soil nutrition
  • Understanding the functionality and simplifying the complexity of your soil and tissue reports
  • In-season or tissue analysis related questions
  • Fertility management
  • Biology
  • Soil dynamics and uptake