Agronomy 365 Growers

What to Expect

Agronomy 365 is for all growers. Whether you are interested in tracking simply nitrogen and organic matter for a small operation, or are looking to enhance micronutrient uptake and nutrient relationships, the Agronomy 365 Dashboard can do it all.

As part of the Agronomy 365 program, Growers have access to leading agronomy experts all-year. Our consultative approach is a driver in ensuring you have the support and understanding of your fertility. Our desire to see you reach your “Aha!” moment means you have a year-round partner in fertility decision-making.

Each Agronomy 365 Grower will have use of the Agronomy 365 Dashboard, get access to our Growing Season Video Series, and have the ability to connect with the community of Growers inside the Agronomy 365 App.

Agronomy 365 Grower Packages

Bronze Package

$2,500 Annually
  • Use of the Agronomy 365 Dashboard
  • Unlimited enrollment of fields in Agronomy 365 (all fields must be operated by said user)
  • Free access to our Growing Season Video Series
  • Free access to our Agronomy 365 App

Silver Package

$4,000 Annually

  • ALL Bronze Package benefits, as well as:
  • Personal question/answer support by the Agronomy 365 team via email
  • Exclusive sneak-peek previews of trial products

Gold Package

$5,500 Annually
  • ALL Silver Package benefits, as well as:
  • Access to all Xtreme Ag videos and content

Growing Season Video Series

$500 Annually
  • Access to the Growing Season Video Series hosted by the Agronomy 365 team and agronomy experts across the nation.
  • Topics include: Nutrient and Fertility Management (Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, Calcium and Micronutrients), Crop Genetics, Carbon Farming, Seeding Rates and Prescriptions (Zone Building, SWAT, Bareground Mapping and EC Layers), High Yield Grower Panel, and a Pre-Season Checklist with Agronomy 365 Dashboard Training.
  • Payment for the video series will be applied toward an Agronomy 365 Grower package if user decides to enroll at a later date.

Agronomy 365 Growers Package Features





Video Series Access

Access to Xtreme Ag videos and content



Agronomy 365 Team assistance by email




Sneak-peek previews of trial products




1 year, unlimited access to Agronomy 365 Dashboard





Access to Growing Season Video Series










In search of the "Aha!" Moment?

  • You respect the work of past generations but don’t want to be stuck there.
  • You have a passion for farming sustainably over the long-haul.
  • You run your farm like a business, and are searching for a tool that can assist your input decision-making.
  • You understand that data is an asset and believe it should be working as hard as you do.
  • You want to be in the driver’s seat, but appreciate the guidance of a good navigator.