The Agronomy 365 Dashboard

What is Agronomy 365?

Agronomy 365 is a comprehensive crop management program that combines the power of real-time tracking, data monitoring, and soil and tissue sampling with an accessible team of agronomic experts. This provides you with a complete top-to-bottom view of your crop, and the knowledge to do something about it. Simply put, we help growers like you make better decisions that result in better farming. Let’s get started!

More Than Just The Dashboard


Learn about nutrient strategies, get advice from top growers, or brush up on your zone building and scripts in our extensive Growing Season Video Series.


Surround yourself with a community of like-minded growers. Bounce around ideas, share insights, and learn together on the Agronomy 365 app.


Validate your data and decisions with the charts, reports, and recommendation tools on the Agronomy 365 Dashboard.


Book consulting hours with our team of agronomic experts. We'll talk you through nutrient recommendations, dashboard analysis, or growing season questions. We're ready to be your personal agronomic sounding board.

How to Use the Agronomy 365 Dashboard

The Agronomy 365 dashboard delivers a comprehensive analysis of the nutrient availability in your soil and plants. Using the dashboard, growers are able to validate their data and decisions using easy-to-read charts, reports, and recommendation tools.

Agronomy 365 is powered by Next Level Ag. All soil and tissue testing must currently route through their lab, and results will automatically be applied to your Agronomy 365 Dashboard.

This video explains the registration process for both Next Level Ag and Agronomy 365. Learn how to navigate the Agronomy 365 Dashboard – everything from viewing your field’s nutrient gauges to running a report.

What is Included on the Agronomy 365 Dashboard

Quick Glance

Quick glance of fields, zones and indicator nutrient levels. Flags indicate nutrient deficiencies.

Nutrient Indicators

Nutrient health scores are provided based on soil and tissue test results.

N-Decision Tool

Nitrogen recommendations based on yield goal, sample date, prior crop, and application type (standard, aggressive, conservative). A downloadable spreadsheet populates with results and recommendations.


Stay up-to-date with upcoming webinars, product releases, and other industry events.

Charted Results

Charts populate with results comparing crop tissue and soil data according to zone, year, and region. Charts also available comparing average and high yield grower results according to crop, growing season, and nutrient. Agronomist charts will be able to compare client averages.


Keep accurate records and ensure accurate reports by inserting your operation's unique metadata throughout the growing season.

Agronomist Dashboard

As an Agronomist, you will have the added ability to view all of your client's enrolled fields, data, reports, and charts.

Soil Reports

Comprehensive soil reports documenting your Overall Soil Health Score, differentiated by nutrient and lab extraction method. Nutrient saturations, indicator rankings per nutrient, and nutrient relationships are also reported.

Tissue Reports

Analyze your tissue sample's Nutrient Rating Index with this comprehensive report. Included is a nutrient relationship graph to assist in achieving optimal uptake efficiency, and Agronomy 365's Optimal Tissue Level recommendations.

Nightly Field & Data Sync

Add your fields into the Dashboard quickly and efficiently. Our nightly sync with the lab provides fast data and results.

Comparison Charts

Populate charts based on sample results and metadata to help identify nutrient deficiencies and make informed decisions. Comparisons include tissue to tissue, soil to soil, and soil to tissue.

Notes Summary Tool

Users can communicate and take notes efficiently on a per-field basis. As a grower, converse with your agronomist and vice versa to create the optimal game plan for next year. No more text messages, emails, or notes taken on a Post-It. Keep an accurate record of conversations based on nutrient levels, management adjustments, and product or nutrient placement. Print your notes summary page at the end of the season for optimal record-keeping and planning.

Get access to the Agronomy 365 Dashboard and start validating your inputs today.