A platform built for cutting edge field management.

Manage your field’s performance with in-depth reporting and leading industry insights.

Everything you need to make profitable decisions for your fields.

Monitor & Track Field Performance Anytime

See what’s happening in your field throughout the year. Access the latest nutrient and fertility reports based on soil and tissue sampling so you know what your fields actually need.

  • See the most important sampling data and insights at a glance
  • Compare your data to other growers across the region
  • Save money on unnecessary fertilizer applications
  • Meet production goals through customizable reporting features

A Nutrient Cheatsheet

Stop guessing if your field needs more nitrogen. The N/K/S decision tool tracks the MOST RECENT nutrient needs of your field and tells you where the missing links really are.

  • Calculate current application rates and timing
  • Discover which nutrients will improve fertility
  • Avoid overspending on unnecessary fertilizer costs

Expert Recommendations Customized for YOU

The most in-depth field data you’ll find…and the expert guidance to make the right decisions. A tool built by farmers, for farmers.

  • Learn how to read detailed sample analysis reports
  • Create personal goals for your operation
  • Understand your field’s full potential
  • Know what action to take to improve your bottom line
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