Your Personal Crop Control Center

The Agronomy 365 Dashboard has all the tools you need to manage field data and make management decisions that improve your bottom line.

What's Inside Agronomy 365

Basic & Advanced Soil & Tissue Nutrient Reports

Monitor and track your analysis reports for basic or Agronomy 365 exclusive advanced sampling metrics. Know exactly how your fields are performing and manage their nutrient potential year-round.

Nutrient Report

N/K/S Tool & Decision on Nutrient Reports

Calculate exactly how much fertilizer your field needs to achieve your personal yield goals and avoid over-applying in key areas.

Field Management Page

Easily organize your list of fields and field specific zones that you can add to and edit throughout the year.

Comparison Chart Report

Grower & Champion Comparison Charts

Compare your fields against each other AND the leading Agronomy 365 members nationwide.

Sampling & Analysis Services

Receive custom sampling services for your fields and the most advanced soil and tissue analysis packages in the industry.

Customizable Charts Page

Filter your fields to see customize reports based on growth stage, nutrient levels and more.

Field Overview

See your entire operation at a glance to ensure you’re hitting your production and profit goals.

Growing Season Summary Chart

View your crop’s overall performance for the current growing season, according to your nutrient selection.

Webinar Series


Video Series

In-Field Agronomist Comments

Weather Channel

Soil & Tissue Sample Submission Hub

Sampling Supplies

1:1 Consulting with Expert Agronomists

Which Membership Do I Need?

Tier 1


The perfect plan for getting started with nutrient management in your operation. Access the basic features of Agronomy 365 to submit your soil & tissue samples and manage your field’s nutrient levels throughout the year.

Tier 2


Take your operation to the next level with this Elite membership. Access ALL the features of Agronomy 365, PLUS the exclusive N/K/S tool for calculating exact fertilizer rates, a personal agronomist consultation and the FULL resource library and webinar series to learn everything you need to know about year-round field management.